Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sue me, Nanding challenges critics

EMBATTLED Councilor Reynaldo Advincula has lashed back at his critics and dared them to sue him in connection with his business interests at the city hall-owned Cogon public market.

Advincula also dared his critics, including opposition Councilor Zaldy Ocon, to show proof that he broke laws.

He challenged Ocon to a debate before the city council’s blue ribbon committee or anywhere in the city.

"I can prove in public that I have not committed any illegal act," said Advincula.

Advincula was fuming over Ocon’s stinging commentaries over DxCC, a station of the Radio Mindanao Network (RMN) where the opposition councilor is program director and commentator.

"If Ocon believes that he is correct, he should sue me," said Advincula, adding that he wants to answer the issues at the ‘‘proper forum and proper time.’’

On separate occasions, Ocon and prominent Cagayan de Oro lawyer Frederico Gapuz have accused Advincula of violating the government’s code of ethics for public officials and employees by doing business at Cogon public market. They said Advincula also violated a provision of the Local Government Code.

Advincula denied conflicts of interest on his part, insisting that his business at the 3rd level of the city hall-owned market was legal.

Over DxCC, Ocon accused Advincula of taking advantage of his position in city hall to do business at Cogon public market. He said Advincula has been using his influence for his and his family’s interests.

"He (Advincula) is taking advantage of the people, he is anti-people," Ocon said.

He also accused Advincula of monopolizing the 3rd level of the public market for his business when hundreds of vendors have complained of not being awarded stalls at the city hall-owned property.

Advincula said there was nothing wrong with the ‘‘videoke’’ and video game machine business because all government requirements were complied with. He said the business is supported with business permit, clearances and other government papers.

Advincula hurled brickbats at Ocon, accusing the broadcaster cum councilor of being unfair.
"Where is balanced of reporting? He (Ocon) did not call me so I can air my side. His reports are always one-sided," Advincula said.

"Why is Ocon always attacking me over the radio? He should face me. I think he does not know what he is saying," Advincula said.

Advincula said Ocon and his other critics should immediately file charges against him if they are really serious in their accusations.

‘‘Prove that the business is illegal,’’ he said.

Advincula has argued that, technically, he has no lease contract with city hall because the market’s 3rd level is being ran by UKC Builders under a build-operate-transfer scheme contract with the local government. It was UKC that redeveloped the Cogon public market.

Meanwhile, Advincula said he has asked the Cogon police precinct to guard the 3rd level establishments and keep unwanted persons from the place.

He said he asked the police precinct chief to launch a ‘‘saturation drive’’ at the upper levels of the market to make the places safe for the public.

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