Friday, January 19, 2007

7 feared dead in Agusan mudslide

CAGAYAN de Oro Journal (BEN BALCE/Jan 19) – Seven people, including three children, are believed to have been buried alive in a mudslide caused by continuous heavy rains along the boundaries of Bolobo and Maasin in Esperanza town, Agusan del Sur Wednesday evening.

Authorities said at least four houses were buried midnight last Wednesday.

Rescuers are looking for Faustino Pungcol, Rosita Kadisal, Bert Triwalan, Nelo Galeria, Nitoy Galeria, and two others whose identities were unclear at presstime.
A capitol spokesperson, Ferdinand Perez, said Gov. Eddie Bong Plaza immediately sent a rescue team to the landslide area. He said rescuers need heavy equipment to unearth the victims.
Esperanza mayor Lorena Manpatilan sent another team composed of police, municipal engineering personnel and barangay officials and headed by municipal social welfare officer Minda Benadero.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

BIR-Surigao ups 2006 tax collection

BIR Revenue Region No. 17 Regional Director Tamanatao S. Amerol (left) and Ms. Lilia C. Guillermo, BIR deputy commissioner of information system group (right) and Ms. Aida Simborio (background) who briefed participants in the Payment Data Entry System (PDES) training held January 11, 2007 at BIR Regional Training Center in Butuan City.

CAGAYAN de Oro Journal (BEN BALCE/Jan 18) - Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Revenue District No. 105 based in Surigao City headed by Revenue District Officer (RDO) Satar Laguindab said, the district has overshot its target collection goal for 2006. For the last four years, the district was able to overshoot its assigned goal.

"The district continuously stepped up collection efforts for the last four years," said Laguindab adding, "the increased collections every year not only helped our district target but also boosted the region's target collection."

Laguindab said, the district collection target for 2006 was P400, 670, 000 and the district collected as of January 11, the amount of P424,548,329.38; an increase of P23,878,329.38 which is 5.96 percent more and almost 50 percent higher than the 2005 collection goal of P265,670,000.

BIR regional office here through its cumulative report since 2003 showed that all districts overshot their individual collection targets.
"RD No. 105 in Surigao maintained increased collections against its collection target even much higher compared to other districts," said BIR Revenue Region No. 17 regional director Tamanatao Amerol.

Amerol said, all districts contributed in no small measure to the Region’s over-all good performance which posted a 15.61 percent increase in actual collections by collecting P1,620,734,770.87 against their collection goal of P1,578,359,000; an increase of P42,375,770.87 or 15.61 percent against the previous year's actual collections.

The BIR Caraga-region oversees the revenue collections efforts of four regional district offices, namely: Butuan-based RD 103 headed by regional district officer (RDO) Edilberto Radaza; RD 104 headed by RDO Lordel Monteclaro based in Bayugan, Agusan del Sur; and RD 106 headed by RDO Marcelino L. Yap based in Tandag, Surigao del Sur.

The revenue collection performance report for year 2006 furnished on this paper showed the following data: RD 103 – Butuan City posted an increased collection for 2006 increase of 3.53 percent; RD 104 Bayugan, Agusan del Sur posted a 3.53 percent increase; RD 105 Surigao City, an increase of 5.96 percent and RD 106 Tandag, Surigao del Sur with an increase of 1.78 percent.

Amerol said, the tax collection performance is largely boosted by the ongoing tax education and information campaign coupled with the various measures and strategies being implemented by every district revenue office in the region aimed to exceed their respective target collection goals.

All revenue district offices have exceeded its target collections over last year's (2005) collections.
"The biggest collection was made by Surigao City district revenue office under the leadership of Laguindab," Amerol said.

Second highest is RD No. 104 based in Bayugan, Agusan del Sur under RDO Lordel Monteclaro with actual tax collections of P275,233,854.43 or an increase of 3.53 percent with the amount of P9,390,854.43.

Butuan City revenue district office under RDO Edilberto Radaza also exceeded its target goal for 2006 amounting to P4,452,948.03 from its target collections of P627,003,000 after Radaza collected P631,455,948.03.

Tandag, Surigao del Sur revenue district office under RDO Marcelino Yap also exceeded by 1.78 percent (2006) totaling P5,081,582.02.

Amerol said, the BIR Commissioner has ordered all Regional Directors throughout the country to sustain the effort in the government's drive against tax evasion following his warning to other businessmen and firms that BIR would never countenance tax evasion as it is considered a "crime against the people."


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Floods displace 61,000 in Agusan del Sur

CAGAYAN De Oro Journal (BEN BALCE/Jan. 17) – At least 61,041 persons or 13,310 families have fled to evacuation centers or safer grounds yesterday as heavy rains continued to pour and swell floodwaters in low-lying areas in Agusan del Sur.

The rains have not let up since Dec. 30, 2006.

An initial report from the Provincial Disaster Management Council (PDMC) said nine towns and 75 barangays have already been affected as of 9:30 a.m., Jan. 16.

Among these are the flood-prone towns of Prosperidad, the capital; San Francisco, Loreto, Veruela , Esperanza, Bunawan, Talacogon, Bayugan, and Sta. Josefa.

The PDMC said nine barangays and more than 2,500 families in San Francisco town have been affected; 13 barangays and 3,875 families in Prosperidad; nine barangays and 1,580 families in Loreto; 13 barangays and 1,609 in Esperanza; 10 barangays and 3,033 families in Bunawan; three barangays and 119 families in Bayugan; and seven barangays and 561 families in Talacogon.

The PDMC has no numbers yet for Veruela and Sta. Josefa towns but continues to monitor the situation.

The council’s initial report said flash floods have also already damaged 2,448 hectares of crops, including vegetables.

Three casualties were reported, although it was not clear if they were just wounded or already dead: Lemuel Matulin Serrano,15, of Sampaguita, Veruela; Rolly A. Maboy, 12, of Baking-king, Esperanza, and Rustom C. Deploma, 5, of Cubo, Esperanza.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1 dead, 2 injured in road mishap

GINGOOG CITY (CDO Journal /Jan 16) - One dead on the spot and two other injured late last week when two vehicles collide each other along National Highway, Purok-1, Brgy. San Juan, this city.

A multi cab driver, Frederico Tupaz Tuñacao Jr., 23 years old, single and a resident of Brgy. Lunao, this city was dead on the spot after hit by a Fuso Forward driven by a certain Juanito Panlide Clerigo, 27 years old and a resident of Brgy. Piglawan, Esperanza, Agusan del Sur.

Clerigo was on critical condition as of press time, admitted at local hospital,here together with his brother Gary, who was also injured.

SPO1 Felix Espejon, traffic investigator said that the cause of death of Tuñacao was hypovolemic shock secondary to multiple fractures and lacerated wounds and as of who were wronged, he said "we cannot determine yet."

Upon initial investigation, the forward enroute from Cagayan de Oro City to Esperanza, Agusan del Sur, west to east while the multi cab was heading from Gingoog City proper to Brgy. Lunao east to west, this city.

"We cannot determine the point of impact, nagkatag man ang mga debris, both vehicles were on their proper way but we don’t have witnesses," Espejon said.

"But we are sure either of the two took disadvantage, still we can't determine yet," he said adding: "Also which of the two will pay the damaged single motor and the bunkhouse, still we don't know yet."

A singlemotor XRM Honda parked at the Bunkhouse, both was totally damaged were also hit by Fuso Forward beside National Highway after the two vehicles collided.

BIR Caraga 2006 collection up by 15.61%

BUTUAN City (BEN BALCE/Jan. 16) - THE Bureau of Internal Revenue in Caraga region, covering the four provinces of the area, has exceeded its collection goal for 2006 of P1,578,359,000 by 15.61 percent. The total collections in the amount of P1,620,734,770.87 for the current year is P42,375,770.87 more than the target.

BIR Caraga director Tamanatao S. Amerol said the increase was due to concerted efforts and cooperation of the region’s revenue personnel, especially the revenue district officers who are the front liners in tax collection.

"The Bureau of Internal Revenue Revenue Region No. 17 has good reason to smile and be proud these days," Amerol said, adding, "It has, despite all odds, surpassed 2006 collection goals."

As of Jan 11, Amerol said their partial collection has reached P1,620,734,770.87.

Amerol clarified that the amount is still not the final amount until such time that the official report will be submitted.

"The tax payer’s cooperation and voluntary compliance contributed so much to the good performance shown by this revenue region," he said.

BIR Caraga Region oversees the collection efforts of four revenue district offices, namely Revenue District 103 in Butuan City headed by Edilberto C. Radaza, Revenue District 104 in Bayugan, Agusan del Sur headed by Lordel T. Monteclaro, Revenue District 105 in Surigao City headed by Satar T. Laguindab, and Revenue District 106 in Tandag, Surigao del Sur headed by Marcelino Yap.

"Compared to last year’s collection record of P1,401,845,034.50, our collections this year has increased by P218,889,736.37 or 15.619 percent more compared to last year’s collections," Amerol said.

Citing the region’s four-year annual tax collection performance report, Amerol said "the history of this revenue region covering the area composed of four provinces and three cities showed that for the last four years (2003-2004, 2005 and 2006) the region was able to consistently over-shoot its assigned goal and exceed its actual collections of the previews year."

The report showed a consistent yearly increase against its collection goals as follows: 2003, 10.01 percent; 2004, 10.67 percent; 2005, 13.27 percent; and 2006, 15.61 percent.

Moreover, Amerol said that, amidst the political and economic crisis besetting Caraga, the region "silently yet efficiently performed its task of collecting taxes for the government in line with the President’s agenda on increasing tax collections."

Amerol also said that even the neophyte revenue district officer of Tandag, Surigao del Sur, surpassed their goal in 2006.

"District officers Radaza (Butuan City), Monteclaro (Bayugan), Laguindab (Surigao City) even Yap of Tandag, Surigao del Sur, attributed the substantial increase in Caraga’s tax collections for this year," Amerol said.

"Neophyte" RDO proves equal to peers

Being dubbed a neophyte by his colleagues proved to be no hindrance to revenue district officer Marcelino "Lyno" Yap who did well and more in his far off post at Tandag, Surigao del Sur to the surprise of his older peers in Caraga region.

His colleagues attest that Yap, a relatively new-comer in Tandag who assumed his post last year, made waves when he posted an increase in his revenue collections surpassing his district's collection goal of P284,843,000 for 2006 by his actual collection of P289,924, 852.02; an increase of P5,081,582.02 or 1.78 percent more.

This feat, says Director Amerol contributed in no small measure to the Region's over-all good performance which posted a 15.61 percent increase in actual collections.

However, Yap said: "Still collections efforts of three other regional district offices help a lot to the region's over-all performance this year."

Even Yap said the three districts surpassed their district collections for the last four years. "The concerted efforts of all made the collections more than the target," said Yap.

For 2006 collections, Butuan-based RD 103 headed by RDO Radaza posted an increase of 3.53 percent; RD 104 headed by Bayugan, Agusan del Sur RDO Monteclaro posted a 3.53 percent increase; RD 105 led by RDO Laguindab based in Surigao City posted an increase of 5.96 perecent and RD 106 under RDO Yap posted an increase of 1.78 percent.

The following data furnished among the four districts, RDO Laguindab posted the highest revenue collection performance report for year 2006.

Although all of the district offices also posted increased revenue collection in varying percentages, Amerol said Yap is singled out as a surprise due to his being a relative newcomer to the region, his previous posting being a the Davao area.

In an interview, Yap said he initiated meetings and dialogues with local taxpayers in Tandag who heeded his call. The top taxpayers of his district are Tony Ling, Florencio Garay, Johnny and Clarence Pimentel, Isagani Jimenez, Alvin Py, Donald and Amador Que, and Pablito and Paul Vicencio as Top Individual Taxpayers;

Sudecor, DepEd, DPWH, Provincial Government of Surigao del Sur, Cantilan Bank, Enterprise Bank of Lianga, and Petco Corporation as Top Corporate Income Taxpayers; Sudecor as Top VAT Taxpayer; and the City Government of Tandag as Top Withholding Government Agent.

"All of this formed part of the total collections for the year," Yap said, adding that the "achievement of the cumulative goal for the period was also the result of increase in collection by accredited agent banks, RDO-106 collection agents' exemplary performances and the positive response of practicing professionals."

BIR-Caraga launches electronic revenue collection system

In line with its career and employee development program the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Revenue Region 17 launched Thursday last week the electronic collection system called Payment Date Entry System (PDES) or e-lounge at the BIR regional center here.

Some 45 officers and rank and file employees of the agency led its regional district officers availed of the briefing and seminar conducted by the Revenue Data Center-Visayas headed by Ms. Lilia Guillermo,Deputy Commissioner of Information Group, Ms. Agnez Zape, RD, Visayas, and OIC of the Revenue Data Center-Visayas Aida S. Simborio.

BIR deputy commissioner of information group Ms. Lilia C. Guillermo (left) Ms. Aida Simborio (right) briefing participants on the Payment Data Entry System (PDES) held January 11, 2007 at the BIR Regional Training Center in Butuan City.

Ms. Simborio briefed the participants on the mechanics of Premyo sa Resibo after the launching the e-lounge.

The activity was made in compliance to Revenue Special Order No. 6-2007 issued on December 22, 2006 consistent with the Civil Service Memorandum Order stipulating that attendance of participants in the said training course will form part of their records.

The special order was signed by BIR Deputy Commissioner Verginia L. Trinidad.

Revenue Region No. 17 Regional Director Tamanatao "Tammy" S. Amerol (third from left in dark coat) leads BIR-Caraga personnel as he meets colleagues from the Revenue Data Center-Visayas at the Butuan City airport for the BIR e-lounge launching and briefing of the premyo sa resibo program. With Amerol are from left, Ms. Aida Simborio who brief participants on the said program and BIR deputy commissioner of information group Ms. Lilia C. Guillermo (2nd from left).

BIR RR 17 Regional Director Tammy Amerol (left) and Ms. Lilia C. Guillermo (right) BIR deputy commissioner of information group and Ms. Aida Simborio (background) who briefed participants in the Payment Data Entry System (PDES) training held January 11, 2007 at BIR Regional Taining Center in Butuan City. (Photo supply by Sasha, BIR 17 )

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