Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Emano leaves Trampe's fate to Alagar

CAGAYAN de Oro Mayor Vicente Emano said he would leave the decision to replace or retain embattled city police director Aurelio Trampe in the hands of Camp Alagar.

‘‘The decision will be up to (Chief Supt. Florante Baguio),’’ said Emano on the call of councilors to oust Senior Supt. Aurelio Trampe.

Emano said he recognized the right of Baguio to make decisions in regard to the appointment of Cagayan de Oro’s police director.

He said he and Baguio talked about Trampe but the mayor did not elaborate.

It was Councilor Reynaldo Advincula who first called for the ouster of Trampe due to an apparent breakdown in law enforcement in the city. He said Trampe should quit as a result of the rising cases of petty crimes, including cable thefts, in the city.

Two Mondays ago, the council passed a resolution expressing dismay over Trampe’s performance.

Over DxIF-Bombo Radyo, Emano said he did not initiate the moves to oust Trampe. He strongly denied reports he was behind the city council’s moves to have Trampe replaced.

"The issue is being politicized. If you ask me, I don’t want him (Trampe) to resign but if he really has problems facing criminals, it’s now up to him," Emano said.

But in the event that Camp Alagar decides to replace Trampe, Emano said he would also leave the appointment of a new police director in the hands of Baguio.

Emano said he was told that Trampe was willing to resign if ordered by Baguio. "Trampe is willing to relinquish his post."

Meanwhile, Camp Alagar said it was evaluating the performance of the Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (Cocpo) to determine if there was a basis for the call to replace Trampe.

But Baguio said the city police has intensified its efforts to solve crimes and in arresting criminals.

Baguio said a rise in the city’s crime rate is not enough reason for any police official to resign.

Meanwhile, former vice mayor Antonio Soriano has expressed disgust over what he described as
‘‘malicious accusations’’ against Trampe due to his alleged negligence.

‘‘Trampe is the most qualified and abled police chief the city ever got. He is a PMA graduate and a lawyer at that,’’ said Soriano in a statement sent to Cagayan de Oro Journal.

Soriano said that even if the crime rate has accelerated, Trampe ‘‘must be given the chance to prove himself and I believe he has made measures to counter all of these.’’

Soriano said Trampe should also be given full support by the local government. ‘‘Otherwise, he cannot move as expected of him.’’

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