Friday, May 26, 2006

Luna to rights advocates: What about the NPA's civilian killings?

FOURTH Infantry Division chief Cardoso Luna on Wednesday lashed at human right advocates in northern Mindanao for ‘‘unfair’’ and ‘‘biased’’ to the military.

"Why only us? They are just are criticizing us if there are violations committed by soldiers. It is unfair to us," said Maj. Gen. Luna, speaking before reporters.

Luna said communist rebels have committed many human rights violations and yet the same groups never raised a howl of protest.

Luna said the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) have been abusing ordinary civilians and have even killed innocent people.

"Where are freedom, justice and equality there?" Luna asked.
Luna also called on the Commission of Human Rights ‘‘to be factual and fair’’ to the military and the police.

He challenged CHR to investigate the alleged human rights violations, including murders, committed by rebels, citing the case of farmers who were allegedly tortured and then killed by guerrillas in an outlying village in Surigao.

"Pinatay sila ng walang kalabanlaban, nasaan ang hustisya? Nasaan ang mga human right advocates dyan?" asked Luna.

He also challenged militant groups to make a stand and issue statements in regard to killings attributed to the NPA.

Meanwhile, Luna assured that journalists would not be barred from Camp Evangelista, the seat of the army’s 4th ID. He said this in response to reports that Camp Aguinaldo issued a memorandum to restrict the movement of journalists in military camps, including Camp Evangelista.

Luna also assured that the military was not spying on journalists.

"What we are asking is for you tell us where you want to go and we’ll make the coordination," Luna told reporters.

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