Thursday, May 25, 2006

Enteria warns of Oro ban on VT Lao

COUNCILOR Maryanne Enteria yesterday threatened to push for a ban on Adhi Karya-VT Lao Construction in the city if the firm fails to finish in giving the Ysalina Bridge a major facelift on time.

Enteria also warned the contractor could be slapped with forfeiture unless it finishes the project on or before June 23.

She said the firm’s executives may even be declared persona non grata in the city.

"Sorry for them if they fail to finish the repair of bridge on the target date. People are expecting them to follow the contract heartily... The contractors should be man enough in their dealings with the government," said the councilor.

Enteria said she is serious in her plans to convince her fellow councilors to demand the forfeiture of the the contract and in banning Adhi Karya-VT Lao Construction from undertaking more projects in the city.

The warning came after a representative of the construction firm undertaking the Ysalina Bridge retrofitting project failed to attend the city councilo session last Monday despite an invitation. It was the second time, according to councilors, that the firm ‘‘snubbed’’ the council.

The council invited Jesus Diaz, resident engineer of the construction firm contracted to repair the Ysalina Bridge, and the district engineers to answer questions in regard to the ongoing project last Monday.

"We’re now studying their contract,’’ said Enteria. ‘‘If they will fail to show up during the session next week, the resolution may be filed," warned Enteria.

She added: "The harshest will be declaring them persona non grata if they would fail to appear again."

Meanwhile, Councilor Ian Mark Nacaya said the construction company should be asked to issue a bond to the government from five percent to 10 percent of the total cost of the project.

"This proposal would only be effective through an ordinance. We have no enabling ordinance to impose or demand a bond yet," Nacaya said.

Nacaya said the city council should immediately approve a resolution to this effect if local legislators feel that the contractor would not be able to finish the project on time.

Nacaya said he agreed that the firm’s executives should be declared persona non grata if they fail to beat their June 23 deadline or if they snub the city council again.

"They are supposed to come in aid of legislation and for the interest of the people of Cagayan de Oro," Nacaya said.

Diaz declined to comment when asked why he did not show up last Monday. He merely maintained that the firm would finish the project on time.

Earlier, Diaz faulted city hall for the delay, saying it did not immediately act on its request to start the project last March. The city hall greenlight, he said, was given in late April, hence the delay.

"There is nothing wrong with their (councilors’) plan, that is their right. I am only hoping that their criticisms would be based on the contract," Diaz said.

Vice Mayor Michelle Spiers, the acting mayor, earlier issued an order allowing the bridge to be fully closed until June 4.

She was reportedly assured that the complete closure of the bridge until June 4 would fasttrack the ongoing repairs. The extension would mean that the project would be finished on June 15 or eight days ahead of the target date, according to the City Information Office.

One lane of the Ysalina bridge will be opened to vehicles from Carmen from 5 am to 2 pm and to motorists bound to Carmen from 2 p.m. to 10 pm starting on June 5.

The project has been blamed for the traffic jams that have inconvenienced thousands of motorists and commuters since May 7.

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