Monday, May 22, 2006

Bridge contractor snubs city council

REPRESENTATIVES of Adhi VT Lao Construction, the firm undertaking the Ysalina Bridge retrofitting project, were a no-show during the city council’s session yesterday.

‘‘This is a clear defiance,’’ said Councilor Edgar Cabanlas as he expressed disappointment.

Councilor Maryanne Enteria said it was the second time the firm and officials of the public works department ‘‘snubbed’’ the city council.

The council invited the contractor and government engineers to shed light on the ongoing bridge repair that has been blamed for traffic jams in the city since May 7.

‘‘They cannot ignore the city council just like that,’’ said Councilor Simeon Licayan.

Councilor Ian Nacaya said city hall might resort to drastic measures unless the contractor and public works officials show up during the next council session.

Councilor Alvin Calingin said the ongoing bridge retrofitting has inconvenienced residents and has caused damages.

Earlier, an engineer of the construction company faulted city hall for the delay in the implementation of the retrofitting project. He said the firm sought city hall’s permission to implement the project as early as March but the green light was given a month later.

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