Monday, November 23, 2015

Dahino: Business groups to hire licensed security guards

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CAGAYAN de Oro City (BEN BALCE/Golden Journal) - A local official, on Wednesday, batted for establishments' compliance with an ordinance that requires the hiring of security guards to discourage commission of criminal activities.

City Councilor Edna Dahino, chair of the city council committee on trade and commerce, said that City Ordinance No. 12841-2014 mandates all high-risk business establishments to hire or engage the services of duly license security guards.

“While everybody’s excited and preparing about celebrating the Christmas season, all money couriers, those that cater to remittances, money changer shops, and others should consider the security of their businesses,” Dahino said.

Dahino said that everybody must be on guard because in a condition where people are living in squalid poverty, the lure of money is so strong.

“It is our duty to keep the would-be-criminals at bay not because of being tempted to commit a crime, but instilling the fear in the minds of committing a crime is the most important,” she said.

Dahino also urged the local village officials to help in the fight against all forms of criminality because the local police force needs everybody’s assistance to maintain peace and order.

Aside from banks, high risk business establishments include lending institutions, pawnshops, money changer shops, internet cafes, gasoline stations, lotto outlets, money couriers, and remittance centers, convenient stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping malls, Dahino said.

She said that the local police has now also included schools as among places or establishments that are prone or susceptible to incidence of robbery and theft. 

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