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MNLF calls followers, allies to boycott polls

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For “no credible” Muslim representation:

Brilliant lawyer. National political leader
Dr. Firdausi Abbas, who is a Sultan of Lanao
del Sur is acknowledged not only among
the Bangsa Moro but nationally, according
to MNLF deputy chairman and Mindanao
State University professor Punduma Sani.
CAGAYAN de Oro City (BEN BALCE/Golden Journal) - Top Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) official early last week has called on its allies and supporters to boycott the May 2016 election, saying that the Bangsamoro was being used as a “prop” for political propaganda.

“The present political exercise is another classic example of how the Bangsa Moro is used as props for political propaganda,” said Mindanao State University professor Punduma Sani.

Sani who holds three star ranks in the Bangsa Moro Army is the incumbent Vice Chairman of the MNLF under Nur Misuari.

In a statement, Sani even said the controlling political elite would never allow representatives of the Moro people to have real participation in the governmental policy formulation process especially in the legislative machinery.

“We have seen that the Muslim candidates for senator that has been declared by both Liberal and UNA do not and cannot in any way represent the Bangsa Moro,” said Sani.

He said that also both Jejomar Binay and Mar Roxas declare that these Muslim candidates represent the Bangsa Moro and it is their policy to give representation to the Moro people.

“We see this as political propaganda – a shallow and insincere gesture because these candidates do not have the capacity, ability or stature to win,” said Sani adding that Roxas and Binay know the inclusion of these ladies is simply “pakitang-tao.”

“Muslims traditionally and Koranically are enjoined not to support women as leaders,” said Sani.
These presidential candidates will never get Muslims who will continue the political advocacy which began in the late sixties that ripened into the Bangsamoro revolutionary struggle like Dr. Firdausi I. Y. Abbas, according to Sani.

“Muslims such as Dr. Firdausi Abbas who is a traditional leader as Sultan of Lanao, an acknowledged brilliant lawyer and national political leader,” he said.

Abbas together with Homobono Adaza formed the Mindanao Alliance in 1978 as Secretary General and fought the Marcos puppets.

In 1986, Sani also said the Lakas ng Demokrasya was formed with Senator Eva Estrada Kalaw as chairperson and Dr. Abbas as Secretary General.

“He (Abbas) is recognized in many international fora, particularly by the organization of Islamic Cooperation, whose very impressive performance in the Tripartite Conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia among the MNLF, the Philippine Government and the OIC in 2007,” Sani stressed.

Sani also added led the OIC to adopt the Jeddah formula so that Dr. Abbas will be a permanent MNLF delegate to the Tripartite Conferences.

Abbas he said was the president of the Muslim Bar Association of the Philippines (Musbarap) and chairman of the Bangsa Moro Party.

“His leadership is acknowledged not only among the Bangsa Moro but nationally and can debate with anyone on the Senate floor,” said Sani adding that Abbas was the captain of the undefeated U.P. debating team in the late sixties.

“Above all, Dr. Abbas never compromises the rights of the Bangsa Moro but he also recognizes the limits.

He may be the only one who can propose the correct solution to the problem in the South,” Sani stated.

Sani said that Abbas with his proposal of the Bangsa Moro Constitutional Convention to enact the organic act, in lieu of the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

“He can definitely defend it on the Senate floor,” said Sani.

Except Abbas, Sani also mentioned two others Muslim representatives, Dedagen Delanggalen and Michael Mastura as good lawyers and have earned the respect of their colleagues in the House of Representatives.

“Of course, Atty. Adel Tamano, the former spokesman of UNA, a good lawyer and an activist,” he said. (BEN BALCE)

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