Friday, September 11, 2009

‘Nanding’s debts caused delays in buyback deal’

CAGAYAN Journal (BEN BALCE / Sep 11) - Mayor Constantino Jaraula has asserted that Councilor Reynaldo Advincula owed UKC Builders Inc. some P2 million in unpaid rent at Cogon and that the local legislator’s debts served as a stumbling block in negotiations for the buyback of the public markets.

Advincula, who denied owing UKC Builders P2 million, faulted city treasurer Lino Daral and accused the executive of carrying out a ‘‘demolition job’’ against him. He accused Daral of making up a story against him and, probably, even doctoring documents to put him in bad light.

Jaraula, who exposed Advincula’s alleged P2-million debt because of his market-based business, maintained that the councilor owed that much. He said a highly placed source in UKC Builders informed him that Advincula owed the firm some P2 million in unpaid rent.

‘‘Hapit na gani ko matumba niana,” Jaraula told local radio.

Jaraula claimed city hall’s negotiations with UKC Builders for a buyback deal covering Cogon and Carmen markets were delayed because of Advincula’s debts.

Advincula, the chair of the city council’s economic enterprise committee, earlier said Jaraula did not get his facts straight. He admitted that he owed UKC Builders but claimed the debt, which grew from September 2005 to December 2008, amounted only to over P100 thousand and not P2 million.

He blamed Daral and accused the treasurer of fabricating a story about his alleged P2-million debt.

Advincula said Daral has an ax to grind against him because the councilor pushed for a measure would reduce market stall rentals by as much as 30 percent. He said Daral strongly opposed the move.

The city council earlier passed an ordinance reducing stall rentals at Cogon and Carmen markets by 30 percent. The Jaraula administration said it had no idea how to cushion the impact of the revenue loss as a result of the rent-reduction


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