Friday, August 03, 2007

Keeper of billions of US treasury bills urges Bush to send inspection team

THE ANNOINTED ONE: Gospel Ministry of the Holy Spirit for Salvation head and the United Humanitarian Organization, Phil., Incorporated chairwoman Her Majesty Salvacion Legaspi-Kempe crowned the Queen of the South held at Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology last July 18, 2006.

ILIGAN CITY (Ben Balce / Aug. 3 ) - The chosen one who found the reported billions of dollars of treasury bills and Federal Reserve notes is now urging Pres. George W. Bush and the US government to send inspection team to the Philippines, to check the authenticity of the lost and found items.

Her Majesty Salvacion Legaspi-Kempe, head elder of the Gospel Ministry of the Holy Spirit for Salvation (GMHSS) said while she is confident it is genuine items but she still needs a team of experts from the US government to confirm the authenticity.

In her letter to Pres. Bush thru US ambassador to the Philippines Christy Kenney dated June 22, 2007, Her Majesty Salvacion said the US government should immediately act on her request if they wanted to redeem their lost treasury bills as soon as possible.

“I am willing to return to the US government all these properties which have been lost for more than seventy years because they are the rightful owner,” said the anointed one Salvacion, adding: “All I need for now is their immediate response on my letter.”

Her Majesty Salvacion said she still believes all these while already demonetized last year has left a significant and sentimental value to the US government.

Her Majesty Salvacion, head elder of the Ministry, showed to the witnessing national and regional media reporters including ABS-CBN television all the billions (could even amounted to trillions) of dollars of treasury bonds, federal reserved notes and currencies that the US government has been looking for in the Philippines.

HRM Salvacion said although she is not 100 percent sure of the authenticity of the items but she said the way she look at it and how it is being kept in black boxes so secured, it is the original items the US government wanted to redeem.

At present, the Wellsfargo Blue Book of Redemption is now in her possession.

To her my knowledge including some of the national media who witnessed the opening of one black box containing the treasury bonds of the country of Georgia and the opening of a small Yamashita black box which also contained two treasure maps of the Philippines showed authentic.

She also said earlier the Gospel Ministry of the Holy Spirit for Salvation (GMHSS) based in Iligan City, and which she founded, had several thousands of highlander members (Lumads) in Mindanao, where he got the reported items.

But for security reasons, she said, she would only reveal the place when the US government would visit Iligan City to redeem the lost treasury bonds.

In fact, she said, all these items need to be airlifted though a plane because they are too many and too heavy.

Gospel Ministry of the Holy Spirit for Salvation and United Humanitarian Organization, Phils., Inc.

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