Friday, July 13, 2007

Billions of US treasury bonds unearthed in Iligan City

BILLIONS of US treasury bonds: Dr.Salvacion Legaspi-Kempe shows Thursday to the witnessing local and national media all the billions of dollars of treasury bonds and federal reserved notes that the US government has been looking for in the Philippines during press conference held at White Castle, Gospel Ministry of the Holy Spirit for Salvation in 11th St. Pala-o, Iligan City.(Photo by Gerry Gorit)

ILIGAN CITY (Ben Balce / July 13) - After the United States massive information in the past years on the so-called lost treasury bonds and federal reserved notes, a religious leader in Iligan City reported to the media she has in her possession the lost items.

In a press conference in Iligan City yesterday attended by the national media and the regional ABS-CBN television, Dr. Salvacion Legaspi-Kempe showed to the witnessing media all the billions of dollars of treasury bonds and federal reserved notes that the US government has been looking for in the Philippines .

Dr. Kempe said although she is not 100 percent sure of the authenticity of the items but she said the way she look at it and how it is being kept in black boxes so secured, it is the original items the US government wanted to redeem.

“ I cannot say it is 100 percent authentic but basing on how it is being securely kept in the black boxes including its markers and symbols, I think this is what the US government is looking for, “ she said.

Kempe, leader of a religious organization, Gospel Ministry of the Holy Spirit for Salvation (GMHSS) based in Iligan City , had several thousands of highlander members (Lumads) in Mindanao , where he got the items.

But for security reasons, she said, she would only reveal the place when the US government would visit Iligan City to redeem the lost treasury bonds.

“ There are lots of these in one of the places in Mindanao . But for now, while the US government has not yet responded to my letter on what action to take to redeem their belongings, I would not reveal where it could be located,“ she said.

She said she is willing to return to the US government all the valuable items that they lost in the past in a proper time, and with the US top leaders personally redeeming it in Iligan City .

“ In fact, all these items need to be airlifted though a plane because they are too many and too heavy, “ Kempe added.

The religious leader also said she had already sent her letter to US president George W. Bush last June 22, 2007, informing him she has the possession of the lost treasury notes of the US government.

In her letter, Kempe said, she urged the president to send a team to check the authenticity of the treasury bonds and to make a visit to Iligan City , for him to personally check the lost items for more than 75 years old already.

Cagayan de Oro Journal also witnessed the opening of one black box containing the treasury bonds of the country of Georgia and the opening of a small Yamashita black box which reportedly contains two treasure maps of the Philippines .

Meanwhile, a financial analyst who requested anonymity said all these US treasury bonds, genuine or not, were already demonetized last year and have no value at all.

“ They are already expired and therefore it has no more value at all, “ the financial expert said.

The financial expert said one chance the redemptor can get hold of some cash is only through public auction in the US . “ It’s already an antique collectors items and it may have bigger value if it can be proven to be rare items.”

But Dr Kempe said while it is already demonetized last year, there is still the redemption fund that maybe worth billions of pesos to be rewarded to those who can turn over the lost items to the US government.

In the past years, the National Bureau of Investigation in northern Mindanao arrested several persons who reportedly imprinted trillions of fake Philippine currency money and US treasury bonds.

One of those arrested by the NBI was a young computer wizard and his cohorts in Barangay Bonbon in Cagayan de Oro where they have chosen the place as their hideout and where their printing equipment were kept.


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