Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Administration bets increasing forward momentum


TEAM Unity is sustaining the forward momentum midway through the campaign season as the latest tracking polls indicate that five of its candidates are statistically in the Magic 12 list and four more are within striking distance of the winning circle.

Unity team candidates Kiram and Magsaysay.

According to Tourism Secretary and Team Unity Spokesman Ace Durano, who voiced optimism of a high probability that most, if not all, of the Team Unity bets will make it come May 14, said the results of the latest SWS poll show that "Team Unity is increasing its momentum as Election Day draws closer. The solid economic performance of the Arroyo administration and the formidable grassroots network supporting the slate nationwide are definite positive factors in this development."

The latest survey conducted by SWS last 15 – 18 March showed TU bets Ralph Recto, Edgardo Angara, Joker Arroyo and Tito Sotto landing in the winning circle. Mike Defensor, in 15th place, is also considered to be statistically in the winning column with the survey's margin of error.

Juan Miguel Zubiri, Vicente Magsaysay Jr., Cesar Montano and Prospero Pichay are within striking distance of the Top 12 list, according to the latest SWS poll, while the rankings of Tessie Aquino Oreta and Jamalul Kiram have gone up by one to three rungs.

Durano noted that other surveys show that Chavit Singson is on the winning list, such as the one conducted recently among the academics in Pangasinan, where 8 of the Team Unity bets were on the Magic 12, including the Ilocos Sur governor.

"A bigger surge is expected in the weeks ahead," Durano said as he expressed confidence that the administration candidates will be able to gain substantial ground against the opposition with the start on Friday (March 30) of the official campaign for local posts, which will likely be dominated by candidates belonging to the ruling coalition.

"We still have one-and-a-half months to go before Election Day. Rankings may variably change depending on the dynamics of the political situation, especially when the local candidates begin their campaign," Durano said. "We expect a sure and steady climb of all our candidates with the strength and cohesiveness of our local network."

He noted that the significant five percent jump in the satisfaction rating of President Arroyo, from 34 percent last November to 39 percent in February "will translate into immeasurable gains for Tam Unity's 12 administration candidates" whose "platform of government seeks to sustain and even accelerate the pace of economic growth—so that she can make good on her promise of social payback for the marginalized sector."

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