Sunday, February 11, 2007

Press Club elects directors, officers

THE Cagayan de Oro Press Club (COPC) held the annual election of its 15 Board of Directors on Saturday, February 10, and subsequently elected past president Jerry Orcullo as the president for the third time.

Eight incumbent directors were reelected and seven others, including Orcullo, composed the new COPC Board.

Orcullo, who served as COPC president in 2003 and 2004, got 62 votes out of the 74 members who voted in the election, the first in more than a decade without proxy votes.

NEW PRESS CLUB BOARD. Assistant city prosecutor Gregorio Borja (extreme right), Comelec chair and past president of the Cagayan de Oro Press Club, declaring the winners in the election of the 15-man COPC board, Feb. 10, 2007. After which, COPC past president Jerry Orcullo was chosen, for the third time, as club president.

The eight incumbent directors who were re-elected include Atty. Gil Banaag of the Golden Banner; Maricel Casiño-Rivera of the Provincial Press Office; Lizanilla Amarga and Joey Nacalaban of Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro; Mike Baños of Business World and Mindanao Gold Star Daily; Vic Cabanag of DxIM Radyo ng Bayan; Ben Balce of Malaya and of the Mindanao Gold Star Daily and Tony Albania.

COPC past presidents Allan Mediante, Ed Montalvan and Herbie Gomez were also elected to the 15-member Board. They were consequently chosen as executive vice-president, vice president for print and corporate secretary, respectively.

Cabanag, the only broadcaster in the Board was chosen vice president for broadcast, Banaag as treasurer and Baños as the auditor. Banaag, publisher of Golden Banner is a certified public accountant and a practicing lawyer.

Other elected members of the Board are Rudy Balangiao of the Mindanao Current, and Bobby Goking and Bingo Alcordo, both opinion writers of Mindanao Gold Star Daily.

Orcullo said during the campaign period, he received death threats, disinformation and discouraging words, intrigues, numerous charges and/or allegations through text coming from several numbers, which he claimed maligned his person.

“I just ignored these messages. My landslide victory again is not only clear vindication of my person but total shame to those cowards, idiots and morons,” Orcullo said.

For his colleagues in the media, he said he would ask nothing more but love and solidarity.

But for those who cowardly continue to threaten him, Orcullo said he can face them anytime and anywhere, adding that “they cannot raise a single hair from a survivor of the many fiercest fires.”

Orcullo will serve as COPC president for one year.

For his third term, Orcullo hopes to continue the educational assistance for the dependents of members and the medical and welfare assistance.

He said he would also look for a seed money to be used as capital for a consumer store, to be built at the ground floor of the COPC building, where members could buy in cash or get basic goods on credit at lower prices.

Unlike the past elections, this year was significant, according to COPC immediate past president Uriel Quilinguing.

Quilinguing said this is because proxy votes were no longer allowed starting this year’s election, based on a resolution passed by the members during the general assembly held on Feb. 11, 2006.

He said the resolution would mean that members would have to cast their votes personally, unlike in the previous elections when issuance of proxy votes are rampant.

Although the COPC By-Laws allows reelection for its president, Quilinguing did not seek reelection, saying he withdrew his candidacy for the Board “for the sake of unity in the club.”

Only former four-time corporate secretary Jasper Uy expressed his interest for the presidency but failed to make it to the 15-man Board.


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