Saturday, January 27, 2007

PNP 16th Anniversary Celebration:

Globalization of terror threat, technology pose new challenges for law enforcement

Camp Alagar, Cagayan de Oro City (Mike Banos / Jan 27) - The globalization of the threat of terrorism and advanced technologies are posing new challenges that Philippine law enforcers should be in a position to adequately meet, contain and eliminate.

"The lines of distinction between domestic and international obligations have blurred," said Pacifico T. Pupos, Jr., presidential assistant for Northern Mindanao, who was the guest of honor and speaker during the PNP PRO-10 celebration of the 16th year anniversary of the Philippine National Police (PNP) held at the region 10 police headquarters in Camp Alagar, this city last Thursday, January 25, 2007.

Pupos cited what he termed as the "globalization of the terror threat" with events taking place in one part of the world also having far reaching ramifications in others.

"We can no longer contain crime to a locality, that was yesterday," Pupos said. "Today's world requires us to act locally, but think globally."

The highest executive official in the region described how "the advent of worldwide terrorism has challenged domestic and international law enforcement like nothing we have encountered before."

On top of this, Pupos also cited how advances in technology has changed the way we access, receive, interpret and use information.

"While it's true technology has provided policemen with new opportunities and new investigative techniques, unfortunately it has also helped criminals find ways to break and evade the law," he said.

In order to remain a potent and effective counter to the threats posed by the globalization of the terror threat and the threats to security posed by advances in technology, Pupos said "police must make significant modifications and work cohesively with other agencies of the government to effectively counteract these forces."

However, despite the new threats posed by these trends to the country's security, Pupos said the country has managed to move the economy forward without sacrificing the democracy of its citizens because of the valiant efforts of its law enforcers, especially the men and women of the PNP who have made the situation possible.

"With increasing investor confidence, our net portfolio investment is up 108% for the period January to September, 2006," Pupos said. "The country's credit rating has improved as have the prices of real estate and stocks. And we have more evident reasons for the booming economy of our country like double-digit growth in exports, remittances, tourism, the increasing number of call centers and the like."

"That's why we have many investors who place their money in our country because they have faith in our economy, in the administration and the people behind it," he added.

He cited how the country's economic growth is reaching levels it last reached in the 1950s and 60s when the Philippines was No. 2 in Asia after Japan.

"At the close of year 2006, the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) estimates that poverty incidence, or the percentage of families living below the poverty threshold level is about 23% today, down from 27.5% in the year 2000," Pupos said. "In terms of warm bodies, that drop means some 5.5 million Filipinos rose out of poverty in the six years under the present administration."

He also cited the reduction of the budget deficit as its biggest achievement so far.

"From a deficit of P210.74 billion in 2002, it's down to P110-B last year and P63-B in 2007," Pupos said. "It is projected that by the end of 2008, the country will have zero deficit or a balanced budget."

He cited the PNP's key role in making the present situation happen by maintaining law and order needed to attract investors and bring more employment and business opportunities to the country.

"The strength of the economic situation, maintenance of the peso vis a vis the dollar despite political and energy crisis, is due to the successful campaign against terrorism and is reflective of the good performance of the PNP," he said. "The members of the PNP can dwell on the fact that they have contributed to making the Philippines "the forthcoming success story of Asia."

In ceremonies presided over by PNP PRO-10 Regional Director Chief Supt. Teodorico Capuyan and assisted by Pupos, the following awardees were recognized with Regional Director's Streamers: Misamis Oriental Police Provincial Office (Best Police Provincial Office), Iligan City Police Office (Best City Police Office), 1003rd Provincial Mobile Group, Bukidnon Provincial Police Office (Best Provincial Mobile Group).

Also cited with Plaques of Excellence were Malaybalay City Police Station, Bukidnon Police Provincial Office (Best City Police Station), Claveria Municipal Police Station , Misamis Oriental Police Provincial Office (Best Municipal Police Station), Police Station No. 5, Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (Best Women's and Children Protection Desk, Urban), Bacolod Municipal Police Station, Lanao del Norte Police Provincial Office (Best Women's and Children Protection Desk, Rural), Regional Communication and Electronics Office 10 (Best National Administrative Support Unit), Regional Crime Laboratory Office 10 (Best National Operational Support Unit), NUP Cecille B. dela Rosa (Outstanding Non-Uniformed Personnel).

The following received Plaques of Recognition: Hon. Jose Maria R. Zubiri, Jr., Hon. Oscar S. Moreno, Hon. Vicente Y. Emano, Msgr. Elmer Abacahin, SSJV; Mr. Eduardo Antonio R. Montalvan; Oroquieta City Council of Community Elders; Iligan City Bankers Association; Multicare Pharmaceuticals and United Valiant Group Security Services, Incorporated.

Not the least, the following were recognized with Certificates of Appreciation: Haggai Institute, Iligan City Chapter; Gideons International (Iligan City Chapter); and the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) Iligan City Chapter.


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