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URGENT HELP: Ysa, 2 year old, missing since Nov. 23

Warm greetings,

I apologize if this appears to be an unsolicited mail, an off-topic message (in an e-group), or if you have received more than one copy of this. I rarely send messages to multiple recipients, unless I have carefully verfied it.

Please help a family recover their 2 year old daughter by sending this to as many recipients possible, particularly those residing in Metro Manila and nearby provinces (Cavite, Rizal, etc). Thank you very much. You kindness is very much appreciated.

Please forward.

This 2 year old girl had been missing since Nov. 23, 2006. She had been featured in QTV Channel 11 last Dec. 12, 2006, 10 PM, in the program "Sana'y Muling Magkapiling".

There's been a suspicion that a syndicate might be using her right now to beg on the streets, so please try to remember her face (or print this out and help in letting other people know). You might come across her during your Christmas shopping. If you do, please immediately seek the help of proper authorities. If you have companions, stay with her while someone gets help from nearby policemen, barangay tanods or other persons of authority. We hope that she could be found soon and be reunited with her family before Christmas.

Here is another reason not to give anything to beggars...instead, course your acts of charity to the appropriate institutions. Help keep children off the streets, especially the highways. Don't give these syndicates a reason to abduct children and make them beg. If nobody gives anything, there's no reason for people, especially children, to beg on the streets. Support the institutions that help the homeless and the poor. Do what is right.

- M I S S I N G -
Name: Ma. Ysabelle Sim Age: 2 years & 7 months old(Wearing Pink Sando and White Pajama)If found, pls. contact: Ms. Gilda Sim / Ester Rosales / Chairman Elvin "Allan" Patao Tel. No. 563 00 11 / 563 38 12 / 589 02 16 Add: 336 Kaingin St., cor. Labores Extension, Pandacan, Manila, Brgy. 858, Zone 93

****Just in case you may spot her. . .dear all,pls find attached picture & some info of my niece, Ysabelle. Nawawala since yesterday, Nov 23, around 11am, naglalaro malapit sa gate ng haus nmin. May nagsabi nakita daw xa away from our place kasama 1 badjao na babae, around 4pm nman nakita daw nung isang jeepney driver iyak na ng iyak, tulala na, karga nman ng isang badjao na lalake naghihintay ng masasakyan, pinagpapasa-pasahan xa para cguro maligaw kung sino man ang nakakita sa babaeng unang kumuha (i think isang grupo 2 ng nangunguha ng bata, d din cgurado kung talgang badjao un or nagpapanggap lng) Meron din kami nakausap kagabi isang batang pulubi, nakita nya nga daw c ysabelle may kasama isa pang bata along Taft Ave namamalimos na. Since yesterday na nawala xa until now naghahanap p din kmi, d kami makatulog kakaisip kung ano na ngyayari sa kanya, im sure gutom na un. Nag-report na kmi sa pulis, madami na nga daw case ngaun ng nawawalang bata.Pls include her in your prayers, na sana makita nmin cya agad. Baka makita nu cya, pls inform us immediately. U may also contact me thru Mobile No. 0919 2756394. Malaking tulong ito sa pamilya nmin. PLS. PASS....Maraming Salamat!Sandra Sim-De Niro
Below is the most recent information about Ysabelle.

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From: Daddy Jojo Date: Dec 18, 2006 1:22 PM
Subject: Ysabelle update 1 Day Agosandra_ysabelle

HI GUYS! ds s sandra, ysabelles aunt. update re ysa: somebdy txtd me earlier...her name is diobel... they made a search ds aftrn along pedro gil & U.N. ave malapit sa ABE school May nakakita daw ky ysabelle ksama maliit na lalake last nyt sa UN, inutusan p daw manlimos c ysa, nakita daw nung 1 tindero. Kanina 1pm nakita nman daw ng tga-ABE sa pedro gil. they searched the place bt didnt find ysa. cguro timing lng tlga makikita dn natin xa. we really appreciate all ur efforts. GOD is really GOOD, knowing na marami kming karamay sa paghhnap ky ysa, it makes us strong. we hope & pray na sana makita n nmin xa before Christmas. May GOD listen to our prayers. 2 Weeks Ago hondatwin (friend of Ysabelle's aunt, about an inquiry on other marks to recognize Ysa)she has a scar on her upperlip, 6to7mm.well update pics..X X XThe above information is from a discussion forum of motorcycle enthusiasts:

This may also be a good source of information on the search for Ysabelle.You may want to read their exchange of messages, especially the sentiments of the daddys in the group and those that search even if they are alone. There have been organized as well as individual searches to find her. Many would like to find her and reunite herwith the family before Christmas. Please be aware na lang po kung sino ang mga kakampi natin at magtulong-tulong tayo dahil siguradong nasa paligid lang ang mga abductors. If she's found, someone has to get the police while the others secure her safety.
May mga medyo mainit na (because they've been searching for days and worried about Ysa's condition), kaya ingat lang po ang mga mukhang badjao at baka mapagkamalan po kayo...tumulong na lang po kayo sa pagtawag ng pulis.

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From: Bruce Date: Nov 28, 2006 11:27 AM
Subject: Help find missing child
Forwarded by my friend na si Herald....

Hope we could help the family to find their child (kindly forward it to your friends para madaling mahanap ang batang ito

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Guys,I confirmed the authenticity of this....nakausap ko yung nanay and totoo nga since Nov. 23 pa daw nawawala yung anak nya.....hope we can help.... thanksHeraldHere is her pix.

---------- Forwarded message ----------From: DaddyJojoDate: Nov 28, 2006 12:07 PM
Let's all pray that God is taking good care of this child right now while her folks are looking for her. It has been 5 days and this 2 year old girl could be out there with strangers, scared and hungry. Let's keep a close watch at the children in our homes so that they will remain safe with us, Please forward this so that Ysabelle can be found immediately.


December 05, 2006 07:21 PM Tuesday
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Badjao gypsies tagged in kidnap of girl, 2
By: Ferds Sevilla

NO WORDS can probably describe the pain and suffering of the family of the two-and-a-half-year-old girl who has been missing since Nov. 23.Witnesses accounts said Ma. Ysabelle Sim, together with other young children, has been spotted begging on streets with a woman and her group of Badjaos. Young Ysabelle was last seen standing at the gate of the family compound at 336 Kaingin St. in Pandacan, Manila, shortly before noon. Her mother Orencia "Ching" Sim, 29, said she found only the young girl's step-ins when she came out to check on her daughter. "Naglalaro siyang mag-isa sa gate at saka pinapanood niya 'yung mga batang lumalabas ng eskuwela, tapos bigla na lang nawala," recalled Mrs. Sim.The family compound is a block away from J. Zamora Elem. School. "Mahilig kasi siyang bumati sa mga batang nagdaraan. Parati nang nagboo-boom-tarat-tarat 'yan, tapos sasabihin joke lang," mumbled Orencia as she broke into tears.A tricycle driver told the Sims he saw a scarfed-woman carrying a girl that resembled Ysabelle around the time she disappeared. "Nu'ng ipakita namin 'yung picture ni Ysabelle, iyung-iyon na nga raw 'yung batang dala-dala nu'ng babaing naka-belo. Wala ngang tsinelas iyung bata," said the girl's grandmother Gilda, 52."Magulung-magulo pa ang aming isip na mag-anak. Paskung-pasko pa naman. Humihingi kami ng tulong sa mga awtoridad na hanapin ang anak ko," Jomar, Ysabelle's 30-year old father, appealed. The Sims are engaged in small-scale manufacturing of dry-goods and upholstery.Ysabelle's only sibling Pamela, 14, has also been traumatized by Ysabelle's disappearance.Hours after Ysabelle was abducted, the parents reported her disappearance to the Manila Police District (MPD) but no concrete action were taken. At one time, the Sims responded to a phone call about a sighting of Ysabelle outside Harrison Plaza, however, only a policewoman was available to accompany them."Nakita raw 'yung anak ko na kasa-kasama nu'ng mga Badjao na namamalimos pero nakaalis," Orencia said. The Badjao gypsies were reportedly seen Friday night at a slum area in San Marcelino, Malate but no policemen were available to assist the Sims.P/Supt. Hilario Orallo, MPD Station 9 commander in Malate, ordered his men search for the girl but the official was apparently ignored. The Sims also went to a house in a squatters area on Batallion St., Fairview, Quezon City, last Saturday following a call that Ysabelle was again seen with a group of street people begging for alms."Nakita raw sa bahay ng mag-asawa pero, nang puntahan namin, wala naman doon," said another relative, Ester Rosales, 56.

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From: suzetteDate: Dec 12, 2006 1:09 PM
nabasa ko yung rgarding dun kay ysabelle (missing), sya po ba yung ipapalabas sa ch. 11 mamayang gabi? 10pm hosted by jessicasoho yung pic kc na inattached d2 pareho cguro sya yun... yung title mamayang gabing show is SANAY MULING MAKAPILING..

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From: DaddyJojo
Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 1:46 PM
Subject: Re: ysabelle (missing)
Hindi pa ba siya nahahanap? I have reformatted the email to show the pic with the text and sent the message to all the discussion groups I participate in. I continue to pray for her and hope that she'll be found soon. My God, I can't imagine how a 2 year old child could cope with being abducted by strangers...crying out, perhaps, hungry...sleepless...on the street. My prayer is that she will not be in such a condition and that God is taking care of her. Inaabangan ko rin ang TV program tonight. Akala ko nahanap na siya.
I just txted the cell number. Hindi pa rin daw nahahanap si Ysabelle.

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Shirley wrote:
Yes, am also praying that she'll be found the soonest time possible. The email made me cry imagining the condition of the child, without herparents... It's sickening to think why and how such people who have kidnapped her could ever exist. I pray that nobody will experience this.

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From: johannDate: Dec 13, 2006 8:41 AM
Subject: Re: ysabelle (missing)

Qtv episodeNapanood ko sa Qtv yung episode sa paghahanap kay ysabelle, oh, napaka cute na bata... sobrang na fefeel ko ang sakit na nadarama ng mother nya pati nung lola nya, kahit madaling araw talagang naghahanap sila. napakawalang puso naman ng kumuha sa batang yun para maging kasangkapan lang sa panlilimos... haynaku! bakit pa kaya may nilikha ang Diyos na ganun klaseng tao... Pardon me, pero sobra talaga yung mga taong dumukot sa bata... Nakikiisa kami ng pamilya ko sa pagdadasal para mabawi nila ang bata....



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