Sunday, December 03, 2006

The pretty Meliza Gould shining

MONALISA's SMILE. This pretty lass Meliza Gould in all smiles as she pose for souvenir photos before a professional photographer.



It was a good afternoon I waited for Ms. Meliza Gould at the lounge of VIP Hotel for our scheduled personal interview at around 3:00 pm.

Exactly at 3:00 pm the beauteous lass arrived at the hotel. She came very calm and confident. Although it maybe her first time to huddle with a media personality, but I would say she’s really smart and composed.

This gorgeous Meliza, who just celebrated her debut party at Mallberry Suites here, is half Filipina half New Zealander that maybe one of the reasons that would explain why she looked amazingly smart and ready for all questions when she seated in front of me for the interview.

Meliza is now currently on her 2nd year in International Studies Course at Xavier University . She’s the proud daughter of the late Frank Gould, a New Zealander and Emie, a Filipina.

JOEL ESCOL: Hello Meliza. Thank you for accepting my invitation for this interview. You’re really tall and in great shape like any other beauty queen.

MELIZA GOULD : Hi, thank you for that great introduction.
JE : Okay, let’s immediately get down to business. What’s the feeling of being chosen as Ms. Kauswagan and Ms, Guinsiliban ?

MG : Well, I feel great. Although am a little bit nervous during the coronation night. But my life is still the same now. I think nothing changes, except for the fact that I am now holding two titles in the same year.

JE : Was your being a beauty queen now one of your wildest dreams ?
MG : No. I didn’t really dream of becoming a beauty queen. It just happened. I don’t’ know (laughs)

JE : So who introduce you to this pageant thing. I mean, who encourage you to try your luck in beauty tilts ?
MG : (Laughs again) Actually a family friend visited our house and asked permission to my mom for me to join Ms. Kauswagan. Then that was it.

JE : Of course, among the important factors considered in beauty pageants are the way you walk, you talk and carry yourself on stage. In your first appearance was there someone who help you on these ?
MG : I have a gay friend who became my mentor. She’s the one responsible in taking care of me especially during competition nights.

JE : Being an ambassadress of goodwill now, are there any assignments from Chairman Roger Abaday of Kauswagan or from the mayor of Guinsiliban.
MG : Well, in Guinsiliban, I attended one of the activities of the town, but here in Kauswagan not yet. I heard the chairman was busy. That maybe the case I had not been given any assignment yet.

JE : Any message for the youth ?
MG : I just wanted to say that education is one of the best gift given to us by our parents so keep studying. I believe that education liberates man. Even though how hard life is but just keep yourself busy studying. Being educated is the best weapon to prepare us from the real challenges of life.
JE : Thank you again Meliza and God Bless.


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