Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jaraula pushes split of CDO into two districts

CAGAYAN de Oro Lone District representative Constantino Jaraula pushed House Bill No. 5658, an act creating a second congressional district in Cagayan de Oro City by splitting the present lone district.

Jaraula’s bill was recently approved in the House committee on local government.

But the National Statistics Office until now does not specifies whether the present population of the city has reached to at least 500,00. A new census that would justify creation of one legislative district, under constitutional provisions, is 250,000 population.

Jaraula’s proposed legislation aims to address the city’s phenomenal growth by providing more funds in addition to a more effective bureaucracy by establishing another representation at the house of representatives.

Jaraula clarified that he has been moving for the division of Cagayan de Oro into two congressional districts, and not two cities.

In his explanatory note, Jaraula said the Bill was filed with the 12th Congress and approved as House Bill No. 1195 but was not acted upon by the Senate at the time of its adjournment.

The City of Cagayan de Oro was chartered on June 15, 1950 under Republic Act No. 521. It has since become the center of commerce, economic growth, investments, and industrialization.

Jaraula said the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) rates Cagayan de Oro as having the highest percentage of growth throughout Mindanao.

House Bill No. 5658 under Section 1 states that “there is hereby created a Second Congressional District in Cagayan de Oro City by splitting the city into two districts, with the Cagayan de Oro River as the natural boundary running from north to south.”

The bill also states that the first district shall comprise the territory west of Cagayan de Oro River and all the barangays located therein, while the second district shall comprise of the territory east of the Cagayan River and all the barangays located therein; provided that those living within the islands or sandbars shall belong to the District where their Precincts are located without prejudice to the effects of dredging and reclamation.

Jaraula’s Bill also stated that the first separate election for each District shall coincide with the regular elections of 2007 and the incumbent Representative shall continue to represent the entire city until his term expires.

Jaraula also clarified that the city would be divided by two and not by CDO-1 and CDO-2, but two representatives and under one mayor and one vice mayor.

The Mindanao Gold Star Daily

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