Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ocon starts sign drive to declare Emano persona non grata

OPPOSITION Councilor Zaldy Ocon yesterday said he would launch a citywide signature campaign to declare Mayor Vicente Emano persona non grata due to his failure to win the support of the PaDayon Pilipino-dominated city council.

Ocon has moved to declare the mayor persona non grata because of a controversial memorandum that prohibits city hall’s department heads and employees from appearing in investigations without the mayor’s green light. Ocon’s motion has been referred to a city council committee.

But Ocon said he was certain the motion would be rejected because pro-Emano councilors like Councilor Edgar Cabanlas were against it from the beginning.

"There are only two of us fighting. We would be lucky to get three votes,’’ said Ocon.

During his DxCC program, Ocon started calling on residents to support his cause. He said he would work to win the support of at least half of the city’s population for his signature campaign.

Ocon said barangay-based leaders who are disappointed with the Emano administration would help him carry out the citywide signature campaign.

For starters, Ocon’s campaign centers would be at radio station DxCC and the capitol grounds near the Cagayan de Oro Press Club Building on Apolinar Velez St..

On Monday, Ocon moved to declare Emano persona non grata because of the administration’s policy which the councilor said was against transparency and good governance. He alleged that the alleged graft and corrupt practices in city hall have become ‘‘uncontrollable.’’

Ocon reiterated his call for Emano to explain and show documents in regard to multimillion-peso projects, including the market and terminal construction projects in Bulua and Gusa, and the build-operate-transfer scheme for the Cogon and Carmen markets.

Ocon also called for transparency in regard to the construction of the Pelaez Bridge and the multimillion-peso road projects.

Ocon’s motion is set for discussion in the council’s committee on laws and rules chaired by Councilor Maryanne Enteria, another Emano ally.

Councilor Cabanlas said the proposed resolution is tainted with political motives. He argued that Emano cannot be declared persona non grata because he was elected mayor of the city.

Ocon’s motion would be the main agenda of the Enteria committee this afternoon.

"The resolution filed by councilor Ocon will be deliberated Wednesday," Enteria confirmed.

Enteria said members of the committee would focus on the legitimacy of the proposed resolution.

If approved, the motion would be discussed by the council on Monday.

But earlier, Enteria called the proposed resolution "baseless." She said it was an ‘‘accusation’’ and not a ‘‘resolution.’’

Enteria said the committee would determine if the Ocon proposal should be calendared for council discussion.

Mindanao Gold Star Daily

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