Saturday, August 05, 2006

LP sees Palace hand in Garci's likely bid

THE Liberal Party yesterday said it sees the hand of the Palace in the likely bid of controversial ex-commisioner Virgilio Garcillano to become a Bukidnon congressman next year.

With Rep. Nereus Acosta of Bukidnon’s 1st District out––he is now serving his 3rd and last office term––the chances of a Malacanang-backed candidate for congressman in the same district is almost certain.

Acosta, the leader of LP for Mindanao, quoted the party’s head, Sen. Franklin Drilon, as telling him: "So you now have Garcillano who undoubtedly will win the election, and now will be called honorable gentleman from the province of Bukidnon."

"I’m sure he will run,’’ said Acosta in a telephone interview, adding that the former elections commissioner ran for the position but lost to his mother, now Manolo Fortich Mayor Socorro Acosta, in 1987.

This early, Garcillano has been meeting with political figures in Bukidnon and in Manila.
Quoting Drilon, Acosta said Garcillano has also been meeting with ‘‘field operators,’’ including presidential chief-of-staff Michael Defensor, apparently to ensure a 2007 victory in Bukidnon.

Garcillano, who owns a farm in Lingating, Baungon town in Bukidnon’s 1st District, became widely known for the role he played in the ‘‘Hello, Garci’’ scandal that nearly cost President Arroyo her seat last year.

Garcillano, whose voice fitted the man in the wiretapped phone conversations supposedly with Arroyo, repeatedly denied he engineered the alleged rigging of the 2004 election results in favor of the President.

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