Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sia: Nanding is lying

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (LITO RULONA and Cagayan de Oro Journal / July 7) - "HE lies.’’
Councilor Juan Sia said this in response to embattled Councilor Reynaldo Advincula who accused him of being ‘‘irresponsible.’’

Sia earlier divulged that it was Advincula’s committee that pushed for the approval of an ordinance that wiped off the debts of market vendors. Debts incurred by the Advinculas who are leasing stalls at city hall-owned Cogon market were among those written off when the city council approved the ordinance last April.

Councilor Sia, known to be mild-mannered, said, ‘‘He (Advincula) is not telling the truth. He lies."

Sia maintained that Advincula failed to show a list of the vendors and their corresponding debts despite demands from him (Sia) during meetings of the finance committee.

Sia, finance committee chair, said he was saddened over Advincula’s reaction. He said he merely told the truth about what really happened.

"Kinsa namakak namo karon? The record will show that he (Advincula) agreed to furnish my committee a list of vendors in its next meeting," said Sia.

This, he said, never happened. Instead, Sia said, he was surprised because the then proposal reached the plenary.

Sia said the then proposed ordinance was certified as ‘‘urgent.’’
"God knows what’s really happening around here. Mao na lang ako nahibaw-an naka-pasar na og ordinance," said Sia.

At the city council last Monday, Sia said Advincula approached and greeted him. But he said he told Advincula: "Walang personalan. The record shows it all."

Hearing this, Sia said Advincula avoided a confrontation and went outside the session hall.

Excerpts from the minutes of the Dec. 6, 2005 meeting of the finance committee shows that Sia demanded a list of vendors. Motion no. 262-2005 also shows that he asked the City Economic Enterprise Department (CEED) to submit to the committee a list of delinquent stall holders with the corresponding debts.

Advincula during an earlier interview admitted that he had owed city hall nearly P10 thousand, but he said his debts were written off with the passage of Ordinance no. 10127-2006.

The stall awared to him is now registered under the name of his son Reynaldo Jr.
Advincula was the chair of the market committee at the time of the passage of the ordinance.

Meanwhile, Councilor Edgar Cabanlas lashed at former mayor Manolo Tagarda Sr. for allegedly engaging in "dirty politics" when he threatened to bring Advincula to the ombudsman for his alleged conflicts of interest.

On Tuesday, Tagarda filed disbarment case against Cabanlas and three other lawyers of Mayor Vicente Emano for allegedly lying in court in regard to city hall’s memorandum of agreement with UKC Builders, the redeveloper of Cogon market.

Advincula also lashed at Tagarda and challenged his former political ally to file the case as soon as possible.

Tagarda is "talking a lot in front of the media," said Advincula. ‘‘File it immediately.’’
He said he suspected Tagarda was only bluffing.

After filing the disbarment case against Cabanlas and the other lawyers, Tagarda said Advincula would be next.

"I am still completing some documents to prove his (Advincula’s) wrongdoings," Tagarda said in an interview over DxCC.

Advincula replied: "I am hoping that he (Tagarda) would be able prove in court that my actions as a public official and my business interests constitute violations."

Advincula said he welcomes a case against him in court so he could prove his innocence.
He said Tagarda was only making noise because he wants to stage a politcal comeback.

Cabanlas laughed off Tagarda’s accusations, saying the former councilor and mayor was just "forgetful due to old age."

"Gibungaw na tingali kana si Atty. Tagarda, walay lingaw," said Cabanlas.


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