Thursday, June 08, 2006

Deal was with UKC, not with city hall says Advincula

COUNCILOR Reynaldo Advincula yesterday admitted being the owner of ‘‘videoke’’ and video game machines at Cogon public market but he strongly denied breaking laws.

Advincula called this paper yesterday to point out that the 3rd floor of the Cogon public market is being ran by UKC Builders, the firm that undertook the multimillion-peso redevelopment of Cogon public market under a build-operate-transfer scheme.

The agreement was for city hall to operate the first two floors of Cogon market. Based on the agreement, UKC takes charge of the 3rd floor.

Advincula argued that, technically, he has no contract with city hall. ‘‘The contract is with UKC and not with the city government.’’

Advincula admitted owning a few coin-operated video machines at the public market but he stressed out that he has no contract with UKC.

The contract with UKC, he said, was signed by Renie Cordova, his business ‘‘partner.’’

Advincula said he decided to yield the business to Cordova when city legal officer Cancio Guibone raised some legal issues about his business interests at Cogon market.

Advincula also denied an allegation made by Barangay 33 chairperson Pelagio Nambatac that the Cogon ‘‘amusement center’’ has no business license from city hall and a clearance from the barangay.

Advincula called Nambatac a "teller of lies." He said the allegations were ‘‘erroneous’’ and ‘‘inaccurate.’’
"It’s an old story... [the issue] was already resolved by the RCB last year," said Advincula. ‘‘It’s purely a political issue to discredit me.’’

The councilor showed this paper a city hall permit and a clearance for the business.

Advincula said Nambatac himself issued the barangay clearance.
‘‘And now he (Nambatac) would deny?’’ he sarcastically asked.

The barangay clearance, according to Advincula, was issued ‘‘under my name.’’
The required papers from city hall was issued early this year, said Advincula.

Advincula said the issuance of a permit from the treasurer’s office was only delayed due to the complaint filed by Nambatac last year.

Nambatac has complained about the noise coming from the market’s 3rd floor.

Nambatac was out of his office when this paper tried to get his comment. But Nambatac’s staff told the Cagayan de Oro Journal that the videoke and video machine operators, and Nambatac already settled the issue in 2005.

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