Saturday, May 06, 2006

For the PARTICIPANTS of Peace and Conflict Journalim Training

Peace and Conflict Journalism Training 1
Eden Nature Park and Resort, Davao City
May 13-15, 2006 (live-in)

Dear jounalists,

First, (before I forget) please keep this mail for reference. =) Print it if possible.

May 12, 2006 (Friday)

011:0AM - Arrival of Bacolod team to Davao airport and will proceed directly to Eden.
5:00PM - Arrival of participants.
May 13, 2006 (Saturday)
8:00AM - Arrival of Zamboanga & Sulu Group to Davao Airport and will proceed directly to Training venue.
7:30AM - Arrival of partipants.

9:00AM sharp - official start

Below is the schedule of VAN availability that will transport participants from Eden's Sales Office at Matina Town Square to the Resort.
CONTACT NUMBERS: Eden Sales Office - (082)299-1020 & (082)296-0791
May 12, 2006 (Friday)
4:00-5:00PM Assembly
5:30 Arrival (resort) -registration and dinner
May 13, 2006 (Saturday)
6:00-6:30 Assembly
7:30-Arrival (resort) -breakfast and registration

EDEN SALES OFFICE: (how to get there?)
IF, you are coming from the north, you may pass Quirino St then Bankerohan Bridge. Matina Town Square is only 100 meters away from the bridge and is on the right side.
IF, you are coming from the south, it is near NDCC Mall and is on the left side of the street.

You can also go to Eden Nature Park and Resort on your own. However, there is NO jeepney going up the resort only TAXI and MOTORCYCLE (not tricycle). I was informed one taxi from the City going up will cost the passenger P500 per trip. The motorcycle costs P70. Moreover, I'm afraid we cannot support travel expense if you go up on your own especially if its taxi. It would be best if you could take our vans reserved as transpo and which is, as mentioned above available at Eden's Sales Office at Matina Town Square in the city as scheduled. If you arrive earlier in Davao than the scheduled departure from the Sales Office, maybe, you can just roam a little and proceed to the assembly point when the time comes.

Also, if (for any reason) you would like to cancel your slot reservation, please let me know at least three (3) days before May 12, 2006 so that we can accommodate those whom we did not accept. At the moment, we are FULL already.

I attached in here again the CALL FOR APPLICATION and APPLICATION FORM for those who have not yet filled it up, please do. You may send it back via e-mail or fax at 034-7083638. Thanks much!

If you have any other questions in mind, please feel free to e-mail me or text at 09218286049.

All for now,



5:30 AM departure of Zamboanga group (flight back to Zamboanga at 8:00AM)
9:00 AM departure of Bacolod Team (flight back to Bacolod at 11:00AM)
11:00 AM departure of other participants from the resort.


We have additional info:

Eden Resort said that we should bring JACKETS. It is very cold up there daw. It's mini-baguio.

We have free access to the pool too (but there's no heater---so the water must be freezing!!) Anyway, just bring swim wear in case you plan to swim on break times.

And, its really best that you could be at the resort on Friday. So that it'll be easy for us all. Many thanks!

for peace,


(in alphabetical order)
1. Alino, Peng
2. Alipala, Julie
3. Alipio, Honeylyn
4. Arais, Aurell
5. Balce, Ben ----------CDO
6. Banos, Mike----------CDO
7. Bergado, Peterson
8. Calderon, Sylvia
9. Chung, Rudy
10. De Guzman, Rosa May
11. Del Rosario, Jambie
12. Dumingsel, Vivien
13. Gallardo, Froilan ------CDO
14. Garcia, Bong
15. Jacinto, Al
16. Jubelag, Joseph
17. Koh, Therence
18. Lao, Marina
19. Manar, Malu
20. Masong, Zeny
21. Maulana, Nash
22. Navales, Mark
23. Palma, Isagani
24. Pareno, Roel
25. Punzalan, Noel
26. Rebollido, Rommel
27. Rosauro, Ryan
28. Saceda, Charlie
29. Sampong, Jeffrey
30. Santos, Dennis
31. Sison, Mylene -----CDO
32. Sombrio, Sonny
33. Umel, Richel
34. Unson, John
35. Wee, Darwin

1. Rey Naranja - InWent
1. Antonia Koop - PECOJON
2. Ledrolen Manriquez
3. Rodesa Jayawon




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