Monday, May 08, 2006

Calls vs. Da Vinci useless: Advincula

COUNCILOR Reynaldo Advincula has shattered all hopes that the city council would reconsider its position on the upcoming showing of the controversial The Da Vinci Code in the city.

Advincula said calls made by the local Roman Catholic archdiocese and the Protestant-run Pilgrim Christian College for city hall to ban the film version of Dan Brown’s book were ‘‘useless.’’

“Granting that the city council reconsidered it (stand), can anyone stop the flow of pirated copies of the film into the city?” asked Advincula.

He said the issue now is on how authorities could prevent minors from buying the film’s pirated copies.

“The minors could have it for only P25 per copy. Even an ‘R-18’ rating would not bar minors seeing it,” said Advincula, adding that he has already bought a pirated copy of the controversial film at a public market.

He said the controversy sparked by the book and the film would make it easier for vendors to sell pirated copies.

“The Da Vinci is now the talk of the town... and it’s going to sell like ukay-ukay (used clothing),” Advincula said.

The responsibility, he said, now lies in the hands of citizens. He said parents should guide their children.
He also said law enforcers should use the law on piracy and seize pirated copies of the film.

Last Monday, the city council passed a resolution urging the movie and television Reguilatory and Complaints Board (MTRCB) to give the controversial film, The Da Vinci Code an "R" rating.

Councilor Ian Mark Nacaya has criticised the council saying he wanted the film banned in the city. He abstained from voting.

"I really wanted to help those who are appealing for reconsideration but I can't because of the parliamentary rules," said Nacaya.

Like Advincula, Nacaya said authorities should launch a crackdown on vendors selling pirated copies of the Da Vinci.

A Cogon public market vendor, Theresa Torres, said the Da Vinci Code is now available in pirated DVD copies and is being sold from P70 to P100 each. The pirated DVD includes three other films.

Torres said pirated copies were bought in large numbers and these were sold out in just two weeks.

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