Saturday, April 08, 2006

Catholic church leaders prefer Cha-cha by way of Con-con

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (cagayan journal/10 April) Roman Catholic leaders prefer changes in the constitution by way of constitutional convention rather than a "people's initiative," a local church official said over the week end.

Monsignor Rey Monsanto, spokesperson of the Roman Catholic archdiocese in Cagayan de oro, said those pushing fo Charter change should seriously consider working for a constitutional convention (Con-con) to ensure that the people are represented.

Under a Con-con set-up, citizens would elect delegates to rewrite the Constitution. Another option would be to turn Congerss into a Contitutional Assembly, but Monsanto said Con-con would still be the "best" way.

"Such radical change from presidential to parliamentary form of government should be through a Con-con," said Monsanto.

"We are for a constitutional convention, not for a constituent assembly."

Monsanto said the Catholic church leaders agree that certain provisions of the 1987 Constitution need to be amended, but he said this should not be made through a signature campaign.

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